Disability Access

Geestar have taken, and will continue to take necessary steps to provide extra help for people with disabilities and to maximise enjoyment of our events. Depending on the venue specific facilities for those with special needs can be made available

  • When parking is within the venue grounds, Reserved parking for disabled ticket holders close to the entrance. City centre locations would be subject to local council rules.
  • When the main admission is non seated, then a seperated area (with barriers if required) at the house front for both the audience member with disability and their carer.

Advance Information

You should inform the ticket sellers, as the first point of contact with the attendees, to inform of us any special needs. 

You may also email us at disability@geestarproductions.com with name, email address and contact telephone number of any person with disability and a note of any special needs that would be helpful to us. Please put the name of the event in the message subject.